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Government brings forward by four years target of 80% renewable electricity production

Government anticipates in four years target of 80% of renewable electricity production

The Government assumed the goal of increasing to 80% the weight of renewable energies in electricity production until 2026, anticipating in four years the goal previously defined, according to the program of the XXIII Constitutional Government, delivered in Parliament this Friday.

Additionally, the Government also intends to increase to 47% the weight of renewable energies in the gross final consumption of energy, by 2030. Currently, renewable energies have a 58% weight in electricity production.

The wholesale electricity and natural gas markets are going through an energy crisis, with historically high values, and the price escalation skyrocketed with the war in Ukraine, reaching values ten times higher than those registered at the beginning of 2021. The average price of electricity in the Iberian wholesale market exceeded 500 euros per megawatt-hour for the first time in history in March.

The Minister of State and Parliamentary Affairs, Ana Catarina Mendes, delivered this Friday the Programme of the XXIII Constitutional Government to the President of the Portuguese Parliament, Augusto Santos Silva. The formal handover was made in the Parliament's visiting room shortly before 12:30 p.m., in the format that usually happens in the handover of State Budgets.

The programme was approved at the first meeting of the Council of Ministers on Thursday and will be discussed in the plenary of parliament on April 7 and 8.

Article source: Dinheiro Vivo


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