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Renewables save families up to 300 euros on the electricity bill in 2021

A study by Deloitte for APREN - Portuguese Renewable Energy Association concludes that families saved last year 300 euros on their electricity bill with renewable energy sources

Energy prices have been rising non-stop, having reached the highest values ever, it was renewable energies that prevented this growth from being even higher. Last year, the production of electricity with sources of "clean" origin generated annual savings in the electricity bill of up to 300 euros in the case of domestic consumers and 1200 to 30 thousand euros in the case of business consumers, according to calculations by Deloitte.

The sharp price escalation we have seen since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is related to the increase in the prices of natural gas, used by combined cycle power plants that have been the last to dictate the price. As a rule, fossil energy sources are more expensive, so the greater the incorporation of "green" energy, the tendency will be for the price to go down.

Without renewable energies, electricity would have cost 88 euros more per megawatt-hour (MWh) on the wholesale market, where the energy produced is sold to suppliers. In other words, production from "clean" energies will have allowed an annual saving of more than 4.1 billion euros in the accumulated 2021, a year in which the wholesale price of the Iberian electricity market (Mibel) shot up 230% compared to 2020.

With regard to the environmental impact, Deloitte stresses that the production of renewable energy, between 2016 and 2020, allowed "the avoidance of the emission of more than 76 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent". In addition, it saved more than 1842 million euros with CO2 licences. The impact on GDP, meanwhile, was €3.7 billion per year over the same period, representing around 1.9% of GDP.

There is no longer any doubt that we must invest in renewable energy not only in terms of the environmental impact, but also by putting into quota the economic impact for businesses. At Donauer we believe that this investment is the only way to achieve a truly desirable future and that is why we offer solutions, technologies and products capable of energising the world in a conscious way.

Always faithful to quality, we offer solutions in the areas of medium and large projects, isolated systems, self-consumption and solar thermal energy. Contact us to find the solution for all your needs.


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