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Government with over 15 million in support of sustainable buildings.

The adhesion of the Portuguese to the Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings remains very high, so the program was reinforced by another 15 million euros, bringing the total allocation to 60 million euros.

With this new reinforcement, “all the benefits initially established by the program are guaranteed, considering that the transformation of buildings for greater energy efficiency enhances the achievement of multiple objectives”, says the Ministry of the Environment, pointing to the “improvement of comfort levels energy, the reduction of the country's energy bill and dependence and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions”.

The Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings provides for financing of up to 85% (with a limit of €7,500 for apartments and villas and €15,000 for buildings) of the amount spent on works to make a home more energy efficient and more sustainable. Applications for this second edition run until March 31, by filling out the form on the link below.

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