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Pylontech is a dedicated supplier of BESS (battery energy storage system), consolidating our expertise in electrochemistry and system integration. It has been providing reliable and affordable ESS battery products and solutions to the global market.


Pylon Technologies were founded in 2009 and have pioneered since then, Lithium battery technologies for the ESS (energy storage system) and EV (electric vehicle) markets. Pylontech is a unique company because all technologies needed for energy storage systems (ESS) like cathode material, lithium cell, battery management system (BMS) and system integration are vertically integrated. This means that the supply chain of the company is owned by the company.

Pylontech pioneers the global ESS market since 2013 with self-developed key technologies and commitment to ESS applications. The company has also developed a state-of-the-art energy storage solution utilising cutting edge lithium iron phosphate technology, packaging this technology into a rack-mount module for ultimate flexibility and ease of installation. Pylontech products have been rated as the best value for money on the market and have proved very popular with customers.


Pylontech is one of the world's leading lithium battery storage providers.

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