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The KOSTAL Group is a global, independent family-owned company based in Germany which develops and manufactures technologically complex electronic and mechatronic products. They employ approximately 20.000 people at 46 locations in 21 countries, offering flexible, knowledgeable and customer-focused service.


1912 - First generation
Turbulent times, the world is in upheaval and the First World War is looming. These were the times in which Leopold Kostal founded the “Processing facilities for technical insulation” in Lüdenscheid and, with a workforce of eight people, starts producing connectors and switches.

First products for automobiles
In 1926, the year of the first Mille Miglia and the first “Black Friday” in German history, Leopold Kostal made the courageous and far-reaching strategic decision to start manufacturing products for the automotive industry by developing the first direction indicator. The direction indicator developed by Leopold Kostal for automobiles is one of the first of many patented innovations by KOSTAL, which today can be found in vehicles of virtually all of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers.

1935 - Second generation
Dark times in Europe, the world is just starting to recover from the major global economic crisis, the Weimar Republic has collapsed, National Socialism is gaining momentum in Germany. In Lüdenscheid, Kurt, the son of Leopold Kostal, joins the company, and they make the joint decision to concentrate on developing and manufacturing products for the automotive industry.

1963 -Third generation
Development of the first electronic products
KOSTAL expands its product portfolio and develops the first electronic products. As the products become more compact and complex, the more rapid the rate of expansion of the company also becomes due to its considerable technical expertise.

2008 _ Fourth generation
Dipl.-Oec. Andreas Kostal joins the company as 4th generation member of the Kostal family. Two years later, Helmut Kostal officially “hands over the baton” and role of Managing Director to his son Andreas. This is also typical for KOSTAL: a timely and carefully prepared transfer from one generation to the next which ensures that experience acquired is also passed on and that new impulses are generated.


The KOSTAL Group is divided into different Business Divisions: Automotive Electrical Systems, Industrial Electronics, Connectors and Test Technology (SOMA):

The division KOSTAL Automotive Electrical Systems is responsible for the development, production and distribution of components, modules and systems for the electrical, electronic and mechatronic technology in car bodies.

The Industrial Electronics division, develops innovative products for renewable energy generation and efficient energy use.

KOSTAL Connectors operates all over the world to develop, manufacture and distribute innovative connector systems for automotive and industrial applications.

Test Technology (SOMA) develops, manufactures and distributes test and automation systems for specific industries and products.

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